The new financial crisis now jeopardizes the high tech industry. With the global credit crunch, investors are becoming even more careful and cautious with the cash they have no more. Startups and co are being warned to reduce burn rate and to plan to write a serious business model.

And inevitably, layoffs are popping out from the wood.

Like in the big drama of the years 2000, it seems that everyone is longing for the moment we can count the bodys. And Techcrunch is tracking them already. Pandora, Zillok, Seesmic, Hi5 and many others I have never heard about (and I will never have a clue of what they could be doing) are on the ranks of the good pupils.

So where are we going here ? What to do if you are working in the high-tech/internet industry and fear to be downsized ?

I don't know much about this sector but I know a lot about jobs, as I have been through a lot of experiences (good and bad) myself. Here my 5 cents of advice :

1. Pretend to be the best at your job

Even if your company is experiencing hard times, the managers will be reluctant to get rid of good folks. So do your best to stay on the top of the board of employees of the month.

What if you aren't that good, what if you doubt ? Just start a facebook group with a lot of clients and partners to mutually send you congratulation emails for the good work you have done.

If questioned about your efficiency, you just have to show your boss a pick of these emails. He will be impressed for sure.

2. Change jobs as often as you can

If you manage to change jobs faster than the crisis spread you could stay alive all along the crunch, and let it pass over you like if you were in the eye of the cyclone.

Send CVs everywhere. Target start ups that have still a lot of cash in bank, or start ups that have not understood the situation yet.

3. Hire offshore dudes to do your job

If you are able to get someone in India or elsewhere doing your work for half your wages, you can get more extra time to search new or better paid job. Hire two and you could even make profits doing 2 jobs in the same time with little involvement.

And if you get laid off, you would be able to take revenge on someone. Not very morally clean but at least it can alleviate some pain.

4. Buy you company's stocks

For the bravest among the braves, it's time to make good deals. Go see your managers and ask if you can invest in their business. Frightened by the hard times coming, you will be able to get a discount while they see this extra cash as a mean to survive. And you will suddenly place yourself at the bottom of the list of potentially "fireable" folks.

The risk of course is that your cash won't be enough to maintain the company afloat, and you will lose everything : investment and job.